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Taking your business from where it is to where it needs to be

Over the past 18 month I have been working with established business owners.

I have been helping them get their IT strategy back on track. The business owners I have worked with face 3 challenges; 

  • Their IT doesn’t help their business 
  • Time an effort is wasted on duplicating information for business reports and operation. This costs them thousands of dollars. 
  • How to prepare for the looming IT disasters of cyber risks, lost information, manage stored data and business disruption.  

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I enjoy working and learning with small business owners. I want to continue to apply the tools and experience earn over years with large organisations.

I show business owners how to be competative. I do this by making the business effecient and effective. 

Uncovering the business operation and function. I have developed a 5 step process which; 

improves business functions reduces business costs improve operating effectiveness increases revenue 

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